How to build a strong, competitive football team  – fast…

After years of struggling on game night, I came to a conclusion: it’s the players that win football games.

It wasn’t my system or my schemes, and I wasn’t getting out-coached. I was playing chess with checkers.  The kids I had on the field just didn’t have the physical tools to do what needed to be done. Sound familiar?

No excuses though, right? We are football coaches, we have to play the hand we are dealt.  I couldn’t get new players, I had to find a way to maximize the ability of the players I already had.

How did I do this?  I designed a speed and weight-lifting program that would allow me to turn scrubs into starters in just one off-season, with little or no help in the weight room, and less than an hour per workout.

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From Failure to Success…

My first head coaching job was for a team that had literally never won a game.  The school had played football for three years before I arrived.

That first year, I thought I could out-coach everybody and win where the guys before me didn’t.  Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.  We were mercy ruled 9 out of 10 games (running clock when down 35). We were absolutely beat to death night in and night out.  My first season, we were everybody’s homecoming game…and for good reason.

I was confused.  These were the same schemes I had used at other schools with great success.  I understood the game.  I knew how to stop offenses, how to move the ball, and how to coach up special teams.  But we couldn’t compete.

What was the problem?

Football Coach


We were weak, not athletic, and slow.  We physically had zero chance to compete, no matter what plays we called on the sideline. There was only one solution: we had to fix the PLAYERS if we were ever going to compete and win football games.

That first off-season, I started to lay the foundation of my SuperSet Training System© built around time-saving compound movements.  I ran into some problems though…

    • My players had no experience with weightlifting
    • I had zero help in the weight room (only one assistant coach)
    • We had very little equipment (some bars, plates and a few squat racks)
    • Many of my players had to work jobs in the off-season. This limited time for workouts to one hour.
    • Our administrators wouldn’t let us have a weightlifting class, so we had to do it after school.


We solved these problems, got to work in the weight room, and

started winning on the field!

Football Workout Power Clean Gang Tackle

The results were amazing:  

    • My players made huge gains almost instantly!
    • Maxes in every major lift shot through the roof!
    • The high tempo workouts were so fun, players couldn’t wait to get in the weight room after school!
    • The kids got excited when they saw their bodies grow in the mirror, and wanted more!
    • The same players that had no heart on Friday nights, suddenly started getting more competitive, aggressive, and confident.



The real world results were incredible:

    1. We ended the school’s 30+ game losing streak!
    2. We TRIPLED our offensive production!
    3. We RUSHED for over 3000 yards (up from 700 the year before)!
    4. We scored more touchdowns than any team in school history!
    5. We gave up over 200 LESS points on defense from our first season!
    6. We stopped getting running-clocked and started being competitive!
    7. We were competitive in every game, and led in almost every contest we lost during the fourth quarter!
    8. We blocked better, we tackled better, and we HIT better at every position on the field!
    9. We played in the first playoff game in school history!


And then, another opportunity…

CoachXOs football workouts

 After the season, I was ecstatic.  My SuperSet Training System© had allowed us to lay an incredible foundation.  We were ready to do it again and take our football team to the next level.

Then I got a phone call.  A friend of mine had taken a job near my hometown.  He wanted me to come help him turn around a struggling program.

We had talked at a weight meet the year before, and he was fascinated by my revolutionary approach in the weight room.  He wanted to give me total control of the weight program, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to go home.

So I took the job and we got to work.

Power Clean

Dominating at weight meets helps build confidence on the field.


Coming off a 2-8 season, we knew we had a lot of work to do.  But we also knew we had a secret weapon:  My football workouts!  Just like before, it worked like a charm!

    • We went from 2-8 to 8-2
    • We won more games over a four year period than any team in school history
    • We earned the first back-to-back playoff appearances in school history
    • We earned top rankings in numerous statistical categories
    • We dominated weight meets we competed in during the spring
    • Averaged 75% increases in maxes year after year
    • Gained an average of 25 pounds per player (solid muscle)
    • Got faster at every single position
    • 40-yard dash times dropped across the board


But the results didn’t stop there, just look at how our kids got stronger & faster!

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CoachXO’s Football Workouts build depth at every position!


 This workout program solved our problems on the football field…

…It can solve your problems too!

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Everything  you need to take your team to the next level

I held NOTHING back!

    • Workouts for EVERY single day of the year (never plan a workout again!)
    • Motivational tools to keep your kids fired up in the weight room all off-season
    • Sets, Reps, Weights & Percentages so you know exactly what your players should be lifting.
    • Speed and agility workouts for every week of the year.
    • Coaching points for every lift – even your inexperienced assistants will know how to teach the workout.
    • Character building verses for every workout, to build great players on and off the field.
    • My revolutionary SuperSet Training System.© 
    • The entire workout can be managed by 1 coach (no matter how many kids are in the weight room).
    • Compound movements
    • No fancy (or expensive) equipment requirements
    • Coach, I’ve even included the word your team breaks it down on after the lift!  Win on 3! 1, 2, 3…

Take a look inside…

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Everything you need, every single day of the year!  Never plan a workout again!

This workout manual took over 200 HOURS to produce…

I know how many HOURS it takes to plan a solid workout program. I dedicated almost three months of my life to creating this manual, so that I could help coaches like you turn your program around, or take your team to the next level.

You already spend so much time away from your family during the season, why would you want to spend even more time away from them during the off-season?

This program not only ELIMINATES PLANNING from your schedule, it is designed to get your team in and out of the weight room quickly and efficiently so you can live your life.

How much is more time with your family worth?  What about time for you to relax and recharge?

Why spend HOURS making workouts and slaving in the weight room?  Spend the off-season doing things you love!

Why spend HOURS making workouts? Spend the off-season doing things you love!


This workout manual is EASY to use…

My assistants were never “experts” in the weight room.  Many had never actually coached weightlifting at all!   I incorporated all the coaching points any assistant would need to lead the players during the workout, and teach them how to lift with great technique.

My system is SIMPLE and can be used by ANY coach to manage the weight room.  All you need is a whistle and a stop watch.  That’s it!

All you have to do is turn to today’s workout and DO IT.  It’s that easy!

Weight Room Football Workouts


You will get results FAST

Your players will make HUGE gains in only 8 weeks with this program.  I guarantee your kids will increase their top lift on bench, squat and clean the very first time you max!

Not only that, you will be stronger, faster and more competitive next football season.  You will be in more games and have a better chance to win than ever before.

I’m so confident you will be more competitive, I will refund your entire purchase price if you are not…No Questions Asked.

Power Clean


Your life will improve when you use this time-saving workout plan…

You want to spend more time with your family.  You want to pursue other interests and enjoy your down time.

Then why should you slave for hours planning workouts?  Why should you spend 2 or 3 hours a day in the gym?

Coach,  I have done all the work for you, and created the most time efficient football workout out there today.

I’m a real coach, with a family and other responsibilities outside of football.  When I created my plan, I wanted a real world, time efficient plan that struck a balance between taking my team to the next level, and giving me back my life back in the off-season.  This plan does that!


 Frequently Asked Questions


“How can I possibly save time AND still create a strong, fast, and competitive football team?”

coachxoGreat question coach.  My name is Shane Sams. Like you, I am a football coach. I’m also a guy with a family and a life off the field, so I know where you are coming from. I know how hard it is to balance family life and still produce a quality football team.

For over a decade I have coached at schools a lot like yours: decent to below average talent every season, with a really good player or class coming through every few years or so.  You know the drill: we’ve got some good kids, but not a lot of great football players.

Coaches like us, we’ve got the Xs and Os, just not the naturally talented Jimmies and Joes!  Since we don’t enjoy the talent pool our opponents always seem to have, we MUST develop the kids we do have in the off-season weight program to have a chance on Friday nights!

A great weight lifting plan for teams like ours is the difference between winning and losing!  Problem is, high school football coaches like us face a number of challenges during the off-season.

See if any of these challenges seem familiar to you…

• You spend so much time in the weight room, that you don’t get to enjoy our family and personal life during the off-season.

• You hate the time consuming task of planning new workouts week after week, month after month, all year long.

• You struggle keeping your players motivated, and your workouts suffer from poor attendance.

• You are so short on staff you can’t even properly organize or coach your football players during off-season workouts.

• You feel like your current workout plan just isn’t making your players bigger, faster or stronger.

• You can’t find any good weight programs except for college workout plans that simply do not apply to your team’s needs.

• You are sick of workout plans clearly designed for only the biggest and wealthiest high schools?

• You’re sick of programs that claim to get your players “Bigger, Faster, and Stronger” but all they really want to do is sell you expensive equipment you don’t need and can’t afford!

I used to deal with all of these off-season problems too,



Coach, I have developed a plan that not only eliminates these problems, it completely replaces them with a system that can take ANY team to the next level.

I have worked with some of the best college strength & conditioning coaches in America.  I took everything I learned from them and translated it into a program for YOUR weight room.

This IS the plan you have been looking for.  I know, because its the one I was looking for too!

Coach, this plan can take your team to the next level!

CoachXO cover and happy team

“What do I get in the manual?”

*Sets, Reps, AND Weights. Know exactly how much your players should be lifting every day of the year to maximize their potential!

Speed & Agility workouts twice a week, all year long!

Agility and Flexibility workouts every Tuesday & Thursday!

Core Exercises for every single workout!

Supplemental auxiliary exercises to complement the primary lifts featured in our daily workouts!

*SuperSet training strategies to save time, maximize efficiency and squeeze every last drop of athletic potential out of your players!

Daily motivational quotes for your whiteboard to get your kids fired up and inspired every day of the off-season!

Character development verses for building great football players on the field, and great young men off of it!

Group based football workouts that focus on your TEAM, not just the individual!

Coaching tips for every single lift, every single workout, every set, every day!


 ”How do I get a copy of the workout?”

Choose the edition that best meets your needs & budget!