Take your team to the next level!  
You can build a stronger, faster, & more competitive
football team right now! 

CoachXO's Football Workouts

The football workout plan designed to build a better football team,
and give you more time to enjoy your life!

Read how your team will get stronger, faster, & more competitive!


Your team will get STRONGER
Stop getting pushed around on game night!

  • Weightliftng Workouts ALL YEAR LONG: CoachXO's Football Workouts includes over 260 Workouts.  Every set, rep, and weight for every workout all preplanned for you!  No more guessing, no wasted time planning.  All you do is turn the page and do the workout!  Never plan a workout again!
  • SQUATS will go up:  "When we started we had 1 kid that could Squat over 400 pounds.  After 1 off-season we now have 20 kids squatting over 400 pounds and 3 squatting over 500 pounds!"
  • POWER CLEANS will increase: "Before we started CoachXO's football workouts we had 2 players that could Power Clean over 225 pounds.  Now we have 25 players lifting MORE than 225 pounds!"
  • BENCH maxes will explode: "Last year we had zero kids that could bench 300 pounds, and only 3 that could bench over 225.  Now, every starter on our football team benches over 225 and our entire line, defensive AND offensive, are well over 300 pounds on bench!"
  • Our PANCAKES trippled: "Our offensive line had always been pushed around. We couldn't move anyone off the line of scrimmage, let alone knock someone down. In just one year using this program, our pancakes per game trippled, we rushed for over 3000 yards, and scored more points than any team in school history!"
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Your team will get FASTER
Stop watching backs and receivers run past your defense!

  • Speed & Agility Workouts included throughout the program!  In football, speed kills.  CoachXO's Football Workouts are designed to build strenght AND speed to create dominant athletes on the field.  The manual includes over 100 speed and agility workouts to make sure you kids get faster every week of the year!
  • 40-YARD-DASH times will drop fast: "Man we were slow.  Last year we only had 3 kids that could legitimately run sub 4.9 in their 40-time.  After CoachXO's football workouts, we now have 21 kids running sub 4.9, including 43 kids running 4.5's!  Every member of our defense is now sub 4.9, including the D-Line!"
  • AGILITY will dramatically improve: "Our kids could never move laterally, and would get juked every time they went for a tackle.  After a year in this program, our body control has improved dramatically.  We stopped missing tackles and started making stops."
  • Your Team will PLAY BETTER DEFENSE: "The first season after completing this workout, our defense gave up over 1000 less yards and over 100 less points.  Our stats for assisted tackles doubled because our kids were flying to the football.  This workout changed the way we played on game night!"
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Your team will be MORE COMPETITIVE
Stop getting blown out, or beat by coaches with better athletes!

  • "My first year, we were getting blown out every game.  We were not physically able to compete.  After CoachXO's football workouts, we stopped getting demolished, ended a 30 game losing streak and started to not only compete in, but WIN football games!"
  • "Our school only had 2 winning seasons in its history when our staff took over.  We started CoachXO's football program from day 1.  We have now had winning seasons in 6 of the last 7 years!
  • "We went from 2-8 to 8-2.  This workout program was a huge part of turning around our program."
  • "We had only made the playoffs 1 time in school history before we switched to this program.  We have now made the playoffs 3 consecutive years and just won our first playoff game in school history!  This program is a huge reason we won." 
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You will SAVE TIME and be able to ENJOY YOUR LIFE
Stop getting stuck in the weight room for hours all off-season!

  • "I have a family and a life outside of football I want to enjoy.  I already spend so much time away from my family during the season, why would I want to miss more time with them in the off-season?  CoachXO's football workout saves time planning workouts, gets us in and out of the weight room quicker, and lets me have time to actually live my life."
  • "This program not only ELIMINATES PLANNING from my schedule, it also gets us in and out of the weight room quickly and efficiently.  I LOVE being home early every day in the off-season!"
  • "Football is important to me, but how much more important is my time with my wife and kids?  This workout program let's me build a strong and fast football team AND spend a ton of time with my family.  That's worth its weight in gold."
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You will take your football team to the NEXT LEVEL
Stop trying to win games with weak, slow players!  Change the game

  • Teams that have implemented this system has improved overall team strength, size, and speed.
  • Teams that have implemented CoachXOs Football Workouts were more competitive the very next season.
  • Coaches using CoachXO's Football Workouts reported less stress in the off-season, less time in the weight room, and huge gains!
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Need stronger faster players?

This will transform your program!



Hundreds of coaches use CoachXO materials with their football teams.
You can take your team to the next level just like they did!  

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"Step-by-step blueprint..."

"This plan is a step-by-step blueprint for building a better football team. The SuperSet system is innovative and unique. If you plan on getting better this off-season, take advantage of this manual. It’s worth every penny" 

Joe Daniel

Coach Daniel, VA
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"Best workout I've ever seen..."

“Your workout is the best I’ve ever seen. So much detail, workouts every day! The hours of work that went into this must have been crazy. Thanks coach.” 

Coach Fridie, NC
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"A plan to take us to the next level..."

"We wanted a plan to take us to the next level, this was it! We just had our first winning season in school history, Thanks for all the hard work putting this thing together."

Coach Shearer, KY
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"We are getting so much more done now..."

"I love how everyone in the weight room is moving, everyone working, no time for horseplay. We are getting so much more done now. Thanks coach!" 

Coach Sherman, TX
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"I can't believe the gains we are making..."

"Coach Sams, thank you for your sharing your knowledge and the great work you put onto paper...I can't believe the gains we are making in the weight room!  Very exciting stuff!"

Coach Luke, GA
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"Love the fresh ideas and motivation..."

"Thanks Coach, love the super set concepts and fresh ideas! Also love the daily motivational quotes!!!" 

Coach Huffman, NE
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"The results are staggering..."

I've used CoachXO's Football Workouts for over 3 years and the results are staggering. I've seen the players gain strength, size, and speed.

The program offers a variety of exercises to keep workouts fresh, and keeps everyone moving and motivated the entire workout.

Bottom line is this program gets results, and keeps the players coming back for more. CoachXOs workout manual was instrumental in turning around our football program. You would be crazy not to use it! 

Coach Dagley, TN
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"Be stronger, faster, & more competitive..."

Like you, I am a football coach. I’m also a guy with a family and a life off the field, so I know where you are coming from.

I know how hard it is to balance family life and still produce a quality football team. For over a decade I have coached at schools a lot like yours.

You know the drill: we’ve got some good kids, but not a lot of great football players.

Coaches like us, we’ve got the Xs and Os, just not the naturally talented Jimmies and Joes!

Since we don’t enjoy the talent pool our opponents always seem to have, we MUST develop the kids we do have in the off-season weight program to have a chance on Friday nights!

A great weight lifting plan for teams like ours is the difference between winning and losing! 

Coach, this speed and weightlifting plan not only eliminates these problems, it completely replaces them with a system that can take ANY team to the next level.

This isn't some guru plan written by an NFL strength coach who has 20 hours a week to train his players.  

This plan is designed for high school football programs with limited coaches, resources, and TIME.  It's written by a high school coach who understands the needs of a high school football program. Period.

This IS the plan you have been looking for.  I know, because its the one I was looking for too!

How much is more time with your family in the off-season worth?

How much is a better season worth?  

CoachXO's football workouts WILL save you time, improve your life AND make your football team stronger, faster & more competitive next season!


Shane Sams, KY


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